Must have ID: Adult-only vacations

Must have ID: Adult-only vacations
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Sometimes everyone needs a furlough from the frustrations of life, and a vacation where everyone around you has long outgrown the kids table may be just the ticket.

Where to go? Here are some possibilities.

The more merrier
According to Jack Norton, long-time owner of Holidays Travel Planners in Ballston Lake, New York, group trips are popular. “[Travelers] enjoy sharing the camaraderie of like-minded people of a similar age group, and just getting out there, whether it’s traveling with friends or neighbors.”

Sign up for a group trip and head to Greece for an archeology tour, fly to Napa for wine tasting, hit the casinos in Vegas or experience Broadway in New York City.

You can find group tour deals at travel agencies or online. Visit sites such as to get recommendations and reviews from other travelers. Social media is one of the best research tools in your arsenal—use it!

All-inclusive is hassle free
If you’re up on your Disney lingo you know that “Hakuna Matata,” as Timon and Pumba sang in “The Lion King,” means “no worries.” When you book an all-inclusive trip to a white sand beach, this problem-free philosophy is your mantra.

Sandals Resorts, where grown-up relaxation lurks behind every palm tree, are quite popular, but according to Norton, the two most requested all-inclusive getaways (and the best priced) are Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Mexico’s Mayan Riviera.

“You pay one price before you leave home so whatever you’d like for the week is included, whether it’s all sorts of dining options, cocktails…or anything,” Norton says. “You don’t have to worry about constantly taking out your wallet and pulling out your credit card; just go and have a good time.”

Let’s go cruising
Who wouldn’t want to sail away from the everyday routine for a while? Everyone needs some adults-only time and this is a great way to relax and unwind. If you choose the right cruise line, at the right time, you can lounge by the pool with minimal splashing and few rousing games of Marco Polo. You can feel the breeze of the sea brush against your face while you soak up some sun and enjoy amazing food at all hours of the day and night between ports of call.

Norton suggests Celebrity Cruises, calling it an upscale, trendy, cosmopolitan and contemporary cruise line.

Need a little adventure in your life?
Backpack through the peaks and passes of Yosemite in California. White water raft in Western New York. Go heli-skiing in Alaska. Zipline in the Catskills. Go somewhere fabulous and have the absolute time of your life—the adrenaline-pumping options are endless.

“There are quite a few people that are looking to do something different and unique whether it’s hiking the Mayan ruins or just exploring,” Norton says.

Unsure what you want to do first? Head to for an outdoor adventure close to home or and to start your research on a trip around the world.

If you’re cruising, there will be opportunities to seek some thrills when you pull into port, according to Norton. “Cruises all have excursions that you can do based on any activity level.”

Smart tip
When planning an adults-only vacation, make sure it doesn’t coincide with a school break, advises Norton said.

By Molly Congdon

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